Construction Services

Construction Services Overview

EMS mechanics have the knowledge, experience, equipment, licenses and skill to work and service the following systems and equipment:

  • Lab gases
  • Deionized water systems
  • Orbitally welded high purity stainless steel systems
  • High and low pressure steam systems
  • High temperature hot water systems
  • Fuel gas systems
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Chilled oil systems
  • Cyrogenic systems
  • Medical gas systems
  • Refrigeration systems (VRF and conventional)
  • Acid waste and vent systems
  • Industrial gas and chemical distribution systems
  • Hydronic heating and cooling systems
  • Water source heat pump systems
  • Chillers and cooling towers
  • Boilers and burners
  • Mitsubishi hyper-heat pump and heat pump systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Custom duct and sheet metal fabrications
  • NFPA-13 sprinkler systems
  • Pipe fabrication services