Mechanical Services

Mechanical Services Overview

Our professional office staff is here to serve you with system design work in the disciplines of plumbing, HVAC and NFPA-13 Fire Protection.

  • Plumbing: we can size and layout the: plumbing fixtures, plumbing equipment, drain, waste, vent, water, storm and gas piping systems.
  • HVAC: we can perform heat loss / heat gain calculations, ventilation flow requirements, equipment selection, piping and duct system layouts.
  • Sprinkler: we can size and layout the NFPA-13 sprinkler system complete with hydraulic calculations.
We have the capability to scan your facility to accurately map all existing services, structural and architectural elements in a fully dimensioned point cloud to create the 3D working environment in which to modify and add whatever system and equipment is required

The professional field staff of EMS consists of exceedingly well trained and State licensed service technicians and skilled craftsmen installers in our area. Qualifications and licenses of our team:

  • Graduates of state approved technical schools
  • Licensed by CT Department of Consumer Protection
  • Certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Constantly improving via seminars, schools and training classes and studying manufacturer service manuals
  • Medical gas certifications and licensing by CT Department of Consumer Protection
  • Certified welders of EMS or client approved and qualified welding procedures
  • All employees have OSHA 10 certification as a minimum standard of safety training