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Specialty Services Overview

EMS plasma table for computerized sheet metal fabrication

It does not matter whether you need ductwork or a small residential furnace, a penthouse sized air handling unit or roof top unit; we are fully capable of fabricating and installing your duct system per SMACNA and International Mechanical Code standards. EMS is staffed with mechanics and apprentices who take the “old school” approach when it comes to sheet metal design, fabrication and installation; quite simply, they take pride in their work. EMS craftsmen meet their self-imposed quality standards and the very particular standards of top-level management. It not only has to look good, but it must function correctly to meet the demands of the occupancy or system requiring heating, ventilating and air conditioning for a long, long time.

We use only top-quality materials to build your system in order to meet the engineered design requirements for proper operation in accordance with the International Mechanical Code governing a safe and proper installation of equipment and duct work.

We provide plumbing systems and fixtures for a wide variety of needs.  We install propane and natural gas distribution systems, pneumatic air distribution systems, lab gas and medical gas systems in addition to typical plumbing systems.  Our CT licensed mechanics are equipped with the tools and knowledge to custom build your bathroom, kitchen, restaurant, health clinic, hospital, hotel, school, etc.  Our journeymen plumbers are eager to meet the challenges your building and plumbing system requires.  Call or email our office to request a quotation.

Our pipefitters and pipe welders are capable of fabricating and installing high purity water, chemical process systems and industrial piping systems in power plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical facilities, hospitals and laboratories.

Aluminum Pneumatic Distribution System
Process chillers and piping
Hydronic Heating System

Welding Demonstration