EMS Featured Project: Hotel Marcel

Click on the BIM model to see the video presentation created by Mitsubishi Electric featuring EMS for our work on this cutting edge historic project.


EMS takes great pride in our successful collaboration with Becker + Becker Architects and their team of contractors and engineers on the prestigious Hotel Marcel project. Our role was pivotal in orchestrating the construction of crucial mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection systems. Under contract, we expertly installed cutting-edge ERV and VRF HVAC systems, including the groundbreaking Mitsubishi Electric QAHV heat pump system, which provides domestic hot water at the historic Pirelli Building in New Haven, CT.

Bruce Becker, the visionary owner of Becker + Becker Architects, is renowned for his forward-thinking approach to utilizing non-fossil fuel, clean energy sources to power mechanical systems in his architectural endeavors. Notably, his transformative vision was realized several years ago when he recognized the potential to convert the historic Pirelli Building into the United States’ pioneering net-zero hotel, now recognized as Hotel Marcel. This remarkable building proudly boasts LEED Platinum and Passive House certification, setting it apart as the inaugural Passive House Certified Hotel in the United States, a remarkable feat given that only 140 out of 5,629 globally certified Passive House buildings are located within the United States.

Hotel Marcel further distinguishes itself by being the first hotel with over 100 rooms to attain Passive House certification on a global scale and is seemingly the first affiliated with a major hotel brand to achieve this distinction. EMS played an instrumental role in this achievement by installing Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-heating HVAC Equipment, Swegon ERV ventilation systems that efficiently cater to fresh air intake and exhaust needs across all nine floors of the building, and the pioneering QAHV air-to-water heat pump system— a pioneering addition to the United States’ mechanical landscape. This innovative heat pump system efficiently fulfills all domestic hot water requirements for the hotel. Furthermore, both the HVAC and domestic hot water systems are meticulously managed through the advanced Mitsubishi Diamond Control system.