EMS Featured Project for 2022: Hotel Marcel

EMS is proud to have successfully worked with Becker + Becker Architects and his team of contractors and engineers on Hotel Marcel.  We were an integral player in coordinating the construction of mechanical, plumbing, electrical and fire protection systems.  We were contracted to install the ERV and VRF HVAC systems.  We introduced and installed the Mitsubishi Electric QAHV heat pump, domestic hot water, systems at the historic Pirelli Building located in New Haven, CT.   Bruce Becker, owner of Becker + Becker Architects, is a forward thinker in utilizing non-fossil fuel, clean energy sources for operating mechanical systems in his buildings.  He is a progressive architect and developer of existing properties such as the Pirelli building.   Several years ago, he saw the potential to convert this historic building into our country’s first net zero hotel, now known as Hotel Marcel.  This building has met the requirements of LEED Platinum and Passive House certifications.  Hotel Marcel is the first Passive House Hotel in the United States.  EMS installed Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-heating HVAC Equipment,  Swegon ERV ventilation systems serving fresh air and exhaust requirements for the 9 floors of this building, and the first QAHV air to water heat pump system in the United States.  This heat pump system is capable of efficiently producing all the domestic hot water for the hotel.  The HVAC and the domestic hot water systems are being controlled by Mitsubishi Diamond Control system.